Lending a Helping Hand

Many advertising agencies have stepped up to the plate in regards to helping out the nonprofits. Ad Council has created this list in order to thank the agencies listed below for their help creating.

It’s really neat to see the advertising community come together to help those in need of communicating, who may not have the adequate resources.  Although a few posts ago may have highlighted the negative attributes of receiving free aid from an ad agency, this shouldn’t take away from all efforts to help the non-profits.

A nonprofit can have as many ideas as they can imagine to creatively solve world problems, provide assistance, or prevention, but with out credibility, recognition, and funding, it’s all for not.

On the flip-side, those actively engaged within each of the aforementioned agencies all must possess a decent amount of skill within the communications field. Why not use their powers for good? Selling condoms, alcohol, and cigarettes may pay the bills, but it certainly doesn’t seem morally satisfying. An account for Join(red), an AIDS prevention organization, the Go Green Initiative, or Darfur Peace & Development would be a breath of fresh air.

What a cool way to help out and give back.

Credits: Ad Council. (n.d.). Volunteer Advertising Agencies. Retrieved March 22, 2011, from Ad Council website: http://www.adcouncil.org/default.aspx?id=73


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