Save the Bluefin Tuna!

Can nonprofit advertising save a species?

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society thinks so. They created a series of advertisements utilizing images of panda bears where one would typically find tuna fish. One endangered species is replaced by another species with a more prominent rescue mission.

This attempts to translate the care taken to preserve the panda bear species to the mission to save the bluefin tuna. After all, the panda bear is part of the WWF logo, great species choice by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

This advertisement includes the copy, “The bluefin tuna is now on the brink of extinction, thanks to industrial overfishing and corporate greed.”

In many cases, an advertisement manipulates the public into consuming in order to obtain a profit. In this ad, they do the opposite. They are advertising against industry and corporate greed, against consumption.

So that would have non-profit advertising as manipulating against manipulation?


Save the bluefin tuna!

Credits: Ogilvy & Mather (n.d.). When you see a tuna, think panda [Advertisement]. Retrieved from

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