If I Don’t Know You, Why Would I Give You My Money?

Why would someone donate to you, if they don’t know you or what your organization is doing?

ME&V Fund-raising advisers have created a podcast to explain how to get your organization out there, effectively, in order to obtain charitable dollars for your cause.

The podcast explains that one must “take steps to build own identity through branding” because, “when people know you, they are more willing to donate to you.”

Differentiation is also important in the realm of non-profit advertising, as “there are so many organizations now fighting for charitable dollars.” Your cause must stand out in order to get the financial backing necessary in order to help in the way that you have worked so hard in created a nonprofit organization to do.

How will you differentiate your cause from all of the other great causes out there?

This podcast explains to “know your audience, they need to know exactly what your organizations mission is before they will invest.” Your audience would be considered any potential donors. You need to know them in order to find a way to allow them to help most effectively in accordance to what they are looking for and what your organization is needing.

Some tips they give out are to create a well-made and useful website, establishing credibility. Also, it’s important to integrate a logo, tag line, and reinforce these entities in every message communicated by your nonprofit.

“Branding goes beyond creating a look, it creates a loyalty.” The podcast explains that loyalty is key in donor relations. Branding is a great first step. In addition, it would be helpful to give donor a positive experience every time they interact with your organization, be straight forward with where dollars are going, keep in touch, thank them 7 times, nurture relationships, be creative, and act on their suggestions and comments. People give to people, so create relationships. Once they know you, they’ll get involved.

Listen to the podcast here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/me-v-advertising-cousulting/id275014394

Credits: ME&V Advertising (Producer). (2008, February 25). Branding Your Non-profit Organization. [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/me-v-advertising-cousulting/id275014394.

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